A cheap and easy way how to use continues integration

Sprecher: Kevin Veen-Birkenbach
Slot: t.b.a.
Raum: t.b.a.
Kevin  Veen-Birkenbach

This presentation shows how to use continues integration on an effective way. Therefore this presentation covers the following questions: What is CI? When does CI make sense? Which are fundamental components of CI? How to use CI for open source software projects? How to use CI for proprietary software projects? How to combine CI with Agile Software Development? How to organize your development flow? The presentation uses the following technologies and methods. Technology The following example technologies will be used to explain CI. gitea docker jenkins github travis codecov The integration of the following methods in CI will be explained: git-flow Test Driven Development Code Reviews Refactoring target group: Decision makers in medium size companies and open source projects language: German or English