Become a productive .NET developer with JetBrains Rider

Sprecher: Matthias Koch
Slot: t.b.a.
Raum: t.b.a.
Matthias Koch

With .NET Core, an explosion of .NET IDE's happened! There's good old Visual Studio, but also VS Code and JetBrains Rider, which even work cross-platform. In this talk, we'll dive into the latter. We'll explore navigation, code inspections, quick fixes and code generation as well as built-in tooling like local history, version control and docker integration. Also we'll focus on a few secrets the debugger has to offer, like dependent breakpoints, a smart step-into function and on-the-fly decompilation of third party libraries. Come to this session to learn about this new (and fast!) kid on the block and learn plenty of tips & tricks to enhance your development productivity. https://jetbrains.com/rider