Open So(u)rcery – About Muggles and Wizards

Sprecher: Matthias Koch
Slot: t.b.a.
Raum: t.b.a.
Matthias Koch

Welcome to the magical world of open-source development. A place where mighty wizards create powerful spells to help their fellow muggles to make great products. My personal transformation from a muggle to a build automation wizard started 3 years ago, when I launched the NUKE project. Much of this talk will be about the experiences I’ve made during that time. Becoming a wizard isn’t always easy, but usually rewarding in the end. What should you mind when trying to create your own spells? And how can even muggles contribute to the great sorcery? No matter which camp you belong to, when you’re interested in how to make open-source great and more sustainable – come to this talk!