Brief introduction to Quantum computing and an example of a technical integration of a Quantum Computer with a SAP System (Co-Author Dr. Antonio Leites)

Sprecher: Philipp Nell
Slot: Freitag 17:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Raum: Stream 5
Philipp Nell
Quantum computing has become a quite popular topic in interested groups, at latest when Google annunced the “Quantum Supremacy” back in 2019 (https://ai.googleblog.com/2019/10/quantum-supremacy-using-programmable.html), even if it solved a problem that many consider of a non-practical nature. The publishing of Shor’s Integer Factorization algorithm in 1994 showed that quantum computers theoretically can crack common encryptions standards in an acceptable amount of time and for which even the most powerful super computers couldn’t solve it in a reasonable amount of time. Use cases can be seen in material development, drug creation or problems in the area of logistics and production among others. Quantum computers are evolving very quickly these days. One specific type of quantum computers are the quantum annealers which “only” can solve problems of a specific type of logic, however, due to their high number of qubits and robustness, they caught the attentions of different larger companies for an industrial use. This talk will introduce  the most important, yet basic concepts of quantum computers, the difference between quantum computer types (Universal vs. Annealer) and demonstration of how an ERP System can make use of a quantum computer by sending both a problem and the corresponding data to the QC with the goal to continue operating with the returned result.